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I am Jericho Green

I love my family, I love my country, and no one can say it like me. I'm just saying what we're all thinking. 0h yeah, I'm a black conservative, shh, don't tell anyone.


Greetings, AmeriCANs

I try to be done with the Left, but they just won't let me!

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Here with you once again.

New Videos

New Videos

Hey, what's with all the mass shootings, all of a sudden? NOVEMBER!

"Justin "Castro" Trudeau, will ban all sales, transfers, and importing of handguns!"

Bidenis Pervertis says, "A 9mm round will blow a lung out of the body." Why would they let him say that out loud?

Monkeypox outbreak! Just in time for the W.H.O. to vote on how to supersede our laws!


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